why is red velvet the most beautiful group of women we have ever seen?
joy and seulgi are really coming for my whole life and i don't understand how they managed to slay me 0:01 into peek-a-boo. do you think they'll let us join their witchy cult and lure pizza boys to their deaths forever??
do you know how difficult this is!!! you're getting fifteen for bts too. again, in no particular order:
i need u
mic drop (remix)
go go i know you know why i picked this performance too
baepsae this is really still pure evil
not today
blood sweat & tears
intro: serendipity
boy meets evil
lie still mad we didn't get a full video for this gem
bts cypher, pt.3: killer
do you think if i asked kim taehyung to marry me, he'd consider it? lmao
if you bought him some gucci and a puppy? probably. please know that i cannot be anywhere near that wedding without security though.
what's your favorite most recent selfie?
um probably this one taken mere hours before my soul was ripped from my body.
who was the last person to send you a text message?
pretty sure it was my mom making sure that i hadn't decided to permanently relocate and leave her forever.
actually, speaking of teasers, why are they all coming for me? especially ksoo?? i still can't get over him doing nothing and still getting me excited smh
these japanese comeback teasers are simultaneously the best and worst things that have ever happened to me. i can't believe mr. do kyungsoo really thought he could just sit there and serve looks and we would all go on about our business like nothing happened. it's just not realistic.
why is kim jongdae coming for me lately in his stupid countdown teaser?
king of purple eyelashes!!! rebuttal question: why did he come for me for all 3.5 hours of the ElyXiOn??
what do you think about when you listen to music?
this varies a lot, honestly. i associate certain songs with memories pretty often so sometimes it's that. other times, it's how the song makes me feel or what i did that day.
do you enjoy writing in journals?
i actually still love writing in journals! i don't keep a hardcore "diary" like i used to, but if i've had a tough day or a really fantastic one or even just want to immortalize something that happened, i still go back to it. i have a box full of old journals in my closet because i can't stand the thought of getting rid of them and it's nice to go back and reflect on things from time to time.
does money matter to you?
this is a loaded question. i like the thought of having money sheerly because i enjoy being able to have fun and do nice things for my friends and family but it's not the be-all and end-all. i guess one way to look at it is money doesn't make me happy but it contributes because of the things i can do with it? so it matters but it's most definitely not the most important.
what have you been enjoying lately?
way to hit me with a broad one. across all spectrums: traveling, korean skincare (seriously, treat yoself 2k17), experimenting with food more often, spending time with the people i love (your super beautiful face included), planning someone's birthday trip, and snuggling all my furry children.
do you like people?
i'll be the first person to admit that i don't like everyone and that a good 78% of the time, humanity makes me want to slam my head into a wall, but i still try to give people the benefit of the doubt. whether that makes me stupid or naive, i don't know, but i don't like to come in with a preconceived notion, assuming that someone is going to give me a reason to dislike them. are there a lot of people that i tolerate vs. like? you bet, but such is life.
do you give second or third or no chances to people? why?
this really depends on what the offense was. there are very few people that i've ever written off immediately and it's not something that i've ever enjoyed doing. i'm not perfect and i don't expect everyone else to be; i understand that mistakes are going to be made, especially completely unintentional ones. typically, if you fuck up big time after that second chance though... we're going to have a long discussion.
when is it too late for forgiveness?
when you've knowingly fucked over someone else without any regard to their feelings and then continue acting like it's no big deal. also, when you repeat the same mistake over and over without even trying to make things right. can you tell this struck a nerve?
have you kept up with current events?
i won't lie, i've been tuning a lot of it out lately because almost every headline made me sad or completely livid and i just needed to distance myself from how disgusting some people and policies are for a bit. i'm in a toxic relationship with the news, apparently.
when the hell is sm going to give baek his goddamn talk show?
LISTEN he deserves this and more and so do we. i want it to be a full variety show though but with talk show elements. picture a talk show, meets knowing brothers, meets master key type deal. i need this in my life and so does everyone else. i'm honestly about to make two (2) angry visits today: one to SM for his show (and sehun and yeol's solo albums, and DCK) and one to big hit for jin's lines.
what are your top ten favorite exo songs at this very moment?
you are, without a doubt, the most sadistic person i've ever met. oh my god, ok, i tried, but you're getting fifteen, sorry about it. in no particular order:
el dorado
white noise
do it together
girl problems
heart attack
coming over
call me baby
sweet lies
playboy even though it's dark-sided
when was the last time you learned something because you wanted to, not because you needed to for school or work?
i'm trying in vain to learn korean as we speak lmao but i'm also learning some new kitchen stuff and thangs!!
which of these is better: being understanding, or being genuine?
i feel like these are linked... but maybe that's just me. like to be truly understanding, you need to be genuine? i'm sure not everyone views it like that but it's just my two cents that they go together and one is just as important as the other.
what is a song that motivates you?
you know i had to do it, it's too cute. also, can we appreciate how this was the cutest stage they've ever done? thanks.
how has music impacted your life?
i really don't know where i'd be without it? i can link a song to almost every memory i have, good and bad. i use music to center myself or hype myself up when i need it. there are some days where all i want to do is lie in bed and listen to music because everything else annoys me but it never does. i've bonded with people over it, used it to express things i couldn't with my own words - it means the world to me. i couldn't imagine my life without it.
when talking about the truth, is it best to sugarcoat things or to show it as it is?
as it is. in the long run, sugarcoating things is only going to make it worse. just rip off the bandaid and get it over with.
which of these would you rather be: naturally talented or hard-working/having constant motivation?
hard-working with constant motivation. i feel like being naturally talented would be the equivalent of taking pre-algebra when you're already good at calculus - you'd be bored and unsatisfied half the time.
describe a time in your life when this statement was proven true: "actions speak louder than words."
i don't like going into detail/really getting into it but there was a pretty shitty bullying situation in high school where someone i wasn't even close with at the time stood up to me and it meant a lot to me that they were willing to step in like that even though we weren't really more than acquaintances.
how would you like to be remembered?
i want to be remembered as someone who really lived life and had fun doing it. someone that loved her friends and family more than she could ever put into words. someone who was able to bring a smile to someone else's face. and last, but not least, as the girl that got kim seokjin more lines (i'm looking right @ you, big hit).
how has your life been different than what you'd imagined?
when i was a kid, i had all these ideas of what my life would be like, even in my early twenties, and i'm wondering now why i thought i was going to have everything figured out. i don't, i know i don't, and i've come to terms with it because i really don't need to have every aspect of my life down to a science. there have been some unexpected roadblocks but i've gotten through them and i'd dare say i'm happier than i thought i'd be, despite the differences. i'm traveling more than i thought i ever would, seeing more of the world, and that means a lot to me. there was a time in my life where i thought i was destined to be a homebody with one friend and thirty cats and i'd never get to see the world like i wanted.
if you could hold on to one memory for the rest of your life, which memory would it be?
08/29/17 @ 12:12am. if jack figures this out, he's getting a steak dinner when we get home.
what is your favorite memory, pertaining to the person who has been kindest to you?
there are two people that i consider the kindest to me and those would be my mom and dad (don't let them know i said this, they'll get big heads). a few years ago, we all spent christmas in colorado and had what i'd consider a perfect white christmas. it was just family, a fun snowball fight, baking cookies, a big christmas dinner - probably the best holiday i've ever experienced. there was just so much love in one room during that whole trip and it made me so grateful to have them and to have such great examples of how you should treat others and put a little bit of yourself into everything that you do.
what is your earliest memory? was it a happy memory? do you think that happy children turn into good people?
i remember playing with my grandparents' dogs on the beach when i was three-ish? i don't remember a lot of detail but i remember them always sticking by me when i'd try to run around. i think it builds a good base but i don't think they always turn into good people. there are always things along the way that can influence the type of person someone becomes overall. kids with unhappy childhoods aren't pre-destined to become bad people and i think it rings true vice versa.
how sad are you going to be when suho and xiumin leave us for military service?

how dare you!!!
do you have a cherished childhood teddybear?
not a teddy bear but i have a stuffed orca named namu that lives on my shelf to this day.
if you could ask a single person one question, and they had to answer truthfully, who and what would you ask?
*clears throat* kim jongdae, what is touch it about? don't be shy, share with the class. i mean... we know, but i want to hear him admit it in his own words.
what good habits do you want to develop?
i'd like to be that person that's a top-notch housekeeper and never has cluttered, dirty dishes or piles of laundry but it's just not realistic. i'd also like to start taking care of myself more often in the ways that matter.
what bad habits do you want to get rid of?
i'd really like to kick this procrastination habit that has taken over my life lately. also, biting my fingernails when i'm nervous, refusing to put socks on even when i can't feel my toes, and eating ice cream at 2am when i know it's not helping anything.
is it better to have an open mind in this kind of society?
i think it's always nice to have an open mind because you never know what you could learn! i'm sure as hell in no position to judge someone and i'd hope they wouldn't jump to conclusions about things that i enjoy, so.
are you a judgmental person? do you have high standards for others?
i feel like i used to be but i've really improved on it. i used to get disappointed in others so easily and realized how selfish that really was to an extent because what makes me happy won't always make someone else feel happy or comfortable.
do you get angry at yourself or do you get sad? do you get angry at other people or do you get disappointed? is there a reason for this?
it's usually both, to be honest. i go back and forth (depending on the situation). a lot of times i get angry and it just fades out into sadness and disappointment. i tend to get disappointed in others more often and it takes a lot for me to really get angry at someone, even if that's how it appears right off the bat. i'm really not that hot-headed but i do get hurt pretty easily.
what is the most meaningful song to you right now?
old faithful
do you notice the little things? do you appreciate people noticing the little things you do?
i 📣 love 📣 the 📣 little 📣 things📣!! knowing my favorite tea or what cheers me up when i'm feeling down is 100% more important to me than some huge grand gesture for the whole world to see. i don't automatically expect or assume someone is going to notice but it's nice when they do because it's sort of a "wow, she really knows me" moment.
what are some things you can see yourself always enjoying no matter how old you get?
playing with puppies, movie nights, anything harry potter related, traveling, nachos (this one is so important)
what are the pros for being pessimistic? the cons?
pros: lowered expectations/you aren't easily disappointed, you aren't surprised when shit hits the fan, things can really only get better from where you're standing
cons: you automatically expect the worst out of everyone and therefore tend to close yourself off, it's really easy to give yourself anxiety from living in a constant state of "this is awful," and my favorite - you're bringing everyone down, bro
what are the pros for being positive? the cons?
pros: a better mood, overall, it's easier to rebound, you never know whose day you're going to make brighter!!
cons: it's easy to be disappointed/hurt, people tend to mistake your positivity for naiveté
what gets you up in the morning?
if i were a real smartass (i am), i'd say my phone alarm which happens to be this. but ok really, i love my job, i'm happy with my life, i get to wake up and annoy the hell out of my favorite man on the planet and then text my best friends about dumb stuff just to laugh - what is there to hate? zip.
list 2 things you dislike about yourself. how can you improve upon these flaws?
#1: i fixate really easily, and i mean both positively and negatively. it's very easy for me to click with something and put all my focus on that one thing or, vice versa, for something to go wrong and i dwell on it forever and beat myself up about it. #2: my motivation comes and goes on a regular basis and i'd love to be that person that just pushes through. i've actually been working on both of these recently through writing myself little notes and things so we'll see how it goes.
list at least 5 things you like about yourself.
i'm guessing these don't have to stick with the physical so: my love of books, my inability to pass by a dog without my inner monologue telling me to pet all the things, how hype i still get about things i love (even though i know it annoys others sometimes), my eyes, and my legs just because it's nice to be able to reach things on the top shelf.
why is love important?
this is the same as the friendship answer to me, but on steroids. it's really so wonderful to know someone has your back and cares about your well-being and you're completely secure knowing that you feel the same. i can't ramble on this one because i'll get so sappy and no one wants that. someone reading might be lactose intolerant and the amount of cheese would kill them.
why is friendship important?
because everyone needs someone to share with, whether it be happy things or not-so-great things. take it from me, isolation is no winning ticket. and without friendship, who would i scream at re: everything.
list 6 things that you learned from this year. how will any of this help you in 2018?
(1) i'm not always going to be 100% and that's okay!! (2) there's no shame in asking for help (3) i'm stronger than i think, even when i feel like i've hit rock bottom (4) sometimes the best things find you when you stop looking for them (5) doing what you love should always come first (6) jack matthews is a dirty, rotten blanket stealer.

#1-5 are very important for continuing to improve my mental health and overall happiness in 2k18 and #6 is important because now i know to always put more than one blanket on the bed. self-preservation.
what is the best way to motivate yourself?
i always use music to get motivated oooor watch something funny like some russell howard clips on youtube!!
list all the things you want to accomplish before the end of this year.
i want to learn at least two phrases in korean, volunteer somewhere for the holidays, and make someone's day better at least once. i also want sm to hire me but that's a pipe dream.
how much do you love erin? do you know how much she adores you (because it's a lot)?
i thought i loved her a lot and that she loved me but then she tried to kill me 🚶🏻‍♀️
if you were stranded on an island and got to pick two members from exo and two from bts to keep you company who would you choose and why? bonus: what would you guys do? KEEP IT PG-13 STELLA
first of all, I RESENT THAT!! i am sweet and pure and would never cross that line (shut your mouth, erin may evans, i will gut you like a fish). this is really so hard because you know i can't even pick a singular bias for either group and you just want to watch me suffer. um, i guess for exo, chanyeol and baekhyun, and for bts, jin and taehyung. notice there's a cinnamon roll and a sinnamon roll™ from each group. is there a guitar involved in this scenario? because if so, you already know what's happening. tbh, i just want a hardcore prank war but also for jin and yeol to have an island cook-off. i also want puppies, this is a puppy island now.
how much did the elyxion change your life?
look, i was, and still am, shook to my very core. my skin cleared, my hair got shinier, my crops are thriving and are expected to produce their most fruitful bounty yet. i haven't known true inner peace since byun baekhyun's voice came over that microphone. the kim squad told me to go fuck myself and my feelings, cause they didn't come to play around, kyungsoo really came for my whole life and i just let him have it, and yeol is really the most precious giant puppy in this solar system and that's that. let's relive it, shall we? i am now permanently this kermit:

AND ANOTHER THING!!!! i'm not over it and neither are you.